Lidia Bocanegra Barbecho

Lidia_Bocanegra_p copyPh.D in history (2006), contemporary field, Americanist and specialist in Digital Humanities and EU management and advisor about International Research Projects. She carried out predoctoral stays in Italy (Università degli Studi della Tuscia- 2003) and Argentina (Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata – 2004) in prestigious universities. After her Ph.D, co-led by the University of Lleida and the National University of Mar del Plata (Argentina), has been formed in Ireland in the field of ICT applied to historical research and Social Platform, with accredited courses regarding web development and architecture information online (2008-2009). During her postdoc, carried out through technology companies in Ireland (VoxPro-Google and Trend Micro), she has developed research projects related to work methodologies dedicated to technical support for B2B (2009-2012); also she conducted and currently manages an E-Project from the Digital History field, doubly funded by the Spanish  Ministry of Employment and Immigration (2009): e-xiliad@s Project.

Since 2014, she coordinates the Community on Digital History GrinUGR (Bits of History); and she is also a member of the Europeana Network Association (2015). From 2008, Bocanegra is staff member of the research group: Centro de Investigaciones Históricas de la Democracia Española (CIHDE) and Cátedra del Exilio, both from UNED-Madrid. She is also board member of the Asociación de Historiadores del Presente (UNED-2008) and President of the Association Red de Estudios Contemporáneos (2010).

Her latest international and national publications deal about unpublished data collection  (memories of war and exile), social platforms and identities of exile through the network, among others. Here her open access publications:

She currently works in the Vice-Rectorate of Research and Transfer of the UGR as International Project Officer for the Humanities and Social Sciences (2013) field and Head of MediaLab UGR for Digital Humanities (2015).